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Where are Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Made?

A lot of people still do not know the answer to that question. Many would say “Milwaukee, WI” but that is not the whole answer. Harley Davidson has for factories in the United States and not even one of them is in Milwaukee. The four factory locations are as follows: …

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US Armed Forces test the world’s quietest military vehicle

General Motors partnered with the United States army to create an all new stealth truck with a couple bonus features to help troops in the field. This hydrogen cell-powered vehicle offers the quietest transportation for its size. Dubbed the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, the versitile automobile would allow soldiers to use …

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It’s almost 70 years of history make it the longest-running motorcycle organization. The club first emerged in 1948; disgruntled World War II vets and members of former motorcycle clubs came together in various parts of California, and the HAMC was established. Despite officially denying that the club is involved in …

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